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 Private jet catering   


Because you deserve only the best private jet vip catering

Worldwide private jet catering





where we provide VIP catering for private jets


Private Jet delivered per day


VIP FA who trust us


single contact

Available 24/7 to make your life easier


years of experience in jet catering



That outsource 100% of their catering management to us

Olga, VIP Flight attendant

Inflight Chef Delight is a simple and efficient management of all my private jet catering orders. It is the guarantee to always have high end quality catering for my jet without having to manage anything. The organization of the flights is already very stressful, it is important to have a partner such as Inflight Chef Delight on whom to count and not to worry anymore about the catering


VIP Flight Attendant  |  Falcon 7x

Eric Manager Operation

At Jet Aviation, we have outsourced our private jet catering orders to Inflight Chef Delight. Their network and tools make them much more efficient and effective than our former in-house catering department. This has saved us money and has allowed us to greatly improve the quality of the meals provided on board our aircraft. 


Manager Opération  |  Jet Aviation

jet broker

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Private jet food catering - Gourmet meals

A VIP Tailor made cuisine

We provide fresh and local top of the range quality products with adapted packaging that meet private jet catering requirements. *

Our Chefs are always happy to answer all your passenger's desires to ensure the best possible inflight catering experience in their private jets.

Fast communication

We always reply in less than 10 minutes to your email to ensure the best possible assistance.

Live chat available through WhatsApp for instant communication

Consultant Hotline
Woman boarding a private jet

Global discount

Benefit from ICD global discount when ordering with us on all our airports.

15% discount on your first order to discover our services


  • Is there a minimum leed time to place an order ?
    It always depend on what you are going to order but usually we are very reactive and can accommodate last minutes prders. 24 hours before delivery is the minimum to allow us to be able to organize all the requested items.
  • Do you have highloader / high lift truck facility ?
    Yes. We do provide highloader service for offloading and loading of large aircrafts
  • How can I pay my private jet catering order?
    Once your quote is confirmed we will be sending your invoice along with a secured payment link to process the payment and finally confirm your order before the delivery. You can also proceed with bank transfer and provide us with a POP to secure your catering order.
  • How can I communicate with ICD team 24/7?
    You can contact us 24/7/365 by email : You can also stay in touch with us on WhatsApp (logo WA clickable à ajouter) : +33649243440
  • Do you provide cabin amenities?
    We provide all kind of cabin amenities that you need: flower arrangement, oshibori, special requests, luxury chocolate boxes and much more.
  • Do you provide laundry & dishes service?
    Yes, we can meet you upon arrival and pickup your dirty dishes and laundry to make sure they are clean and ready for your net departure. We can also store your good in our fridges or dry storage.
  • Do you have the right packaging for my jet?
    We are always asking our client about the packaging they would prefer in order to meet the FA’s requirements. So feel free to let us know !
  • Where can I order private jet catering from Inflight Chef Delight?
    We are providing catering for provide jet from 2400 airports worldwide so I’m sure you will find your happiness. You can consult our airport list here :
  • Can you make restaurant pickup?
    We are closely working with the best restaurants and chefs worldwide and we are always happy to provide restaurant pickup service to answer all your passenger’s desires.


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