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Coronavirus Crisis Raises Private Jet VIP Inflight Catering Concerns

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

For many with journey needs at some point of the Covid-19 pandemic, executive aviation may represent the safest option, but given the far-accomplishing results of the situation, subjects which includes private jet in-flight catering bear even nearer scrutiny than usual. For flights operating under these modern conditions, some wonder how VIP inflight catering need to be managed to fully respect anticovid program. We think Covid-19 is going to change the whole executive inflight catering industry and how we deal with food, and the training that should be mandatory when it comes to food safety. This virus will make all our VIP standards come up in food safety, cleaning, and sanitizing—and this goes in effect for the FBOs, flight departments, and anyone else who is thinking of serving onboard or handles food for business aviation. Since the start of the pandemic, we have been receiving several inquiries from flight departments with questions about how to behavior business aviation in-flight catering. The key is to use a reputable caterer, train, and do your homework when it comes to food safety and where you are going to get that food as well. Here at Inflight Chef Delight we are committed to the health & safety of our customers & employees; protocols within our kitchens have been increased in light of this & all staff have been allocated additional PPE kits & received enhanced training to fully ensure the safety & welfare of all processes up to & including the point of delivery. In-flight VIP caterers are regulated by way of each the Food and Drug Administration and neighborhood authorities and already operate at the very best tiers of food protection. This was the worst-case scenario that we meet our safety standards, but they’ve enhanced it even more to protect those passengers and crew members that are flying now. Such anticovid protocol changes include even more frequent sanitization of our kitchens and refrigerated shipping motors with hospital-grade products, regularly scheduled alarms reminding our VIP inflight catering team to clean their hands and/or alternate their gloves, wiping down incoming and outgoing packaging with food-grade wipes, and restricting the number of employees on duty inside the kitchen at a time. Looking at this new protocols, Inflight Chef Delight VVIP Catering have dedicated all efforts to commit to the health & safety of their customers & employees

In order to respect this protocol, ICD Private Jet In-flight catering kitchens prepare meals beneath the cook-to-sit back protocol, where in the objects are prepared and then swiftly-cooled, the usage of industrial blast chillers, to much less than 41 degrees. The meals is then kept at that temperature in specialised packaging, via transport in refrigerated delivery motors, to the FBO.

 We have stated that in the meantime FBOs should have at least two sets of commercial-grade refrigerators to avoid cross-contamination; one for newly-arrived catering and one for any catering that has been removed from the aircraft for garage. A separate refrigerator should be used for staff meals, as well as any left-over catering this is proficient to the line personnel. Our policy within the modern-day Covid-19 environment is we’re the use of paper and plastic. The VIP caterers supply meals on wonderful trays and dishes them selves and you can have them plate there and simply serve from the dishes, especially if it’s a chilly object like a salad or a sandwich. Not the usage of high-quality dish washer continues the flight crew from annoying approximately having to wash and sanitize the dishes, either all through, or after the flight. Soft goods which include potholders or dish towels need to be laundered after every flight. Another distinction defined is now not allowing pilots to wander again to the galley to grab some food or snacks at some stage in meals preparation and advising flight attendants to speak with the pilots ahead of the flight. Private jets and charter plane needs to hold as sterile an environment as you may as the crew are getting ready and getting things geared up for the passengers. When it comes to stocking the plane, VIP flights attendants are requested to wipes down all cans and programs with meals-grade antimicrobial wipes before bringing them aboard. And when seeking vital housekeeping supplies which might be in brief deliver along with disposable gloves or sanitizer, they shows first contacting an aviation deliver enterprise or a local eating place supply corporation that sells to the public, either in your place or at the destination. They also counseled attaining out on their in-flight caterer to see if they can fill your house responsibilities deliver needs.


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