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Why do the vip prefer private jets to helicopters ?

The wealthy often prefer private jets to helicopters for reasons of comfort, performance, safety and prestige. Private jets offer luxurious interior space, enabling customized layouts and top-of-the-range catering services with Inflight Chef Delight, guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience on board. In terms of performance, jets fly faster and further, ensuring non-stop travel over long distances. While helicopters are appreciated for their flexibility and ability to land in restricted areas, private jets stand out for their reliability and safety. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each aircraft and the 5 reasons why the wealthy prefer private jets to helicopters.

The pros and cons of private jets


Here's a detailed comparison of the pros and cons of private jets versus helicopters for the wealthy:

The advantages of private jets

  • Comfort and luxury

Depending on the model, private jets can be very spacious, allowing for luxurious layouts such as beds, offices, bathrooms, kitchens and entertainment areas. Flights are smoother and less tiring for passengers, who can rest comfortably on board. And for moments of conviviality, Inflight Chef Delight allows passengers to enjoy gourmet meals on board, prepared on request by a gourmet caterer or Michelin-starred chef before departure.

  • Performance and range

Even the smallest private jet flies faster than a helicopter, and is capable of covering long distances without stopping for refueling. The maximum range of a helicopter rarely exceeds 1,000 kilometers, while a Dassault Falcon 8X private jet can fly 111,945 kilometers non-stop, the equivalent of a direct flight from Paris to Singapore.

  • Safety and reliability

Private jets are considered safer, with a greater ability to avoid obstacles and fly safely through adverse weather conditions, thanks to their ability to fly at high altitudes. Private jets are also appreciated for their mechanical reliability, with fewer breakdowns and better maintenance facilities.

Disadvantages of private jets

  • Cost

Private jets require substantial initial purchase, maintenance and operating costs. Fuel, crew and airport costs are also much higher than for a helicopter.

  • Limited accessibility

Unlike helicopters, private jets require suitable landing strips, as well as a dedicated airport terminal for the privacy and comfort of VIP travelers. This is not always the case, and limits access to certain remote areas. It is also impossible to land in urban areas, directly in the city center or in places with no airport infrastructure. This can be a disadvantage for a trip that needs to be as quick as possible.

The advantages and disadvantages of helicopters


The advantages of helicopters

  • Accessibility and flexibility

The main advantage of helicopters is their ability to land in confined spaces such as helipads, building rooftops or undeveloped land. This facilitates access to remote areas, and makes it possible to reach urban areas without airport infrastructure, considerably reducing the transfer time between the landing zone and the final destination. Where a private jet would have to land in Laguardia, the helicopter can land directly on the roof of a building in the heart of Manhattan. A considerable time-saver for businessmen.

  • Purchase and maintenance costs

Another considerable advantage of the helicopter is its cost. The cost of purchasing and maintaining a helicopter is generally lower than that of private jets. A helicopter will cost between $1 and $5 million, compared with a minimum of €5 million for a private jet. The most popular model, the Phenom 300, with its 7-seat capacity and 3500km range, sells for around 9 million euros.

The disadvantages of helicopters

  • Comfort and capacity

Because of their small size and limited space, helicopters offer less on-board comfort and fewer layout options than private jets. As they fly at low latitudes, they are also much more affected by weather conditions. Unfortunately, this can make the flight very unpleasant for passengers.

  • Performance and range

Helicopters are slower and unable to cover long distances without frequent refuelling stops. A helicopter can cover an average of 1,000 km non-stop. Carrying capacity is also reduced, with a maximum of 6 passengers for the largest aircraft, and a very limited amount of baggage.

  • Safety

The biggest drawback of helicopters, and the reason why many people shun this means of transport, is safety. Helicopters present increased risks due to their great vulnerability to weather conditions and aerial obstacles.

The choice between a private jet and a helicopter depends on the specific needs of each VIP traveler. Private jets are preferred for their on-board comfort, range and prestige, while helicopters are favored for their accessibility and flexibility in restricted or urban environments.

Why do the vip prefer private jets to helicopters?

The wealthy often prefer private jets to helicopters for several reasons, linked to the performance, comfort, safety and versatility of private jets compared to helicopters.


1. Comfort and luxury

  • Space and amenities

Private jets offer much greater interior space, and can be fitted out with luxurious seating, beds, desks, bathrooms, kitchens and entertainment areas, which is not possible in a helicopter due to its limited size.

  • Pressurization and cruising altitude

Jets fly at higher altitudes where the air is less turbulent, offering a smoother, less tiring flying experience. Helicopters fly at lower altitudes, often in more variable weather conditions.

2. Performance and range

  • Speed and distance

Private jets can reach much higher speeds and cover much longer distances than helicopters. This enables passengers to travel rapidly between cities or continents, which is impossible with a helicopter.

  • Cargo capacity

Private jets can carry more passengers and luggage than helicopters, which is crucial for business travel, artist tours, family trips, etc.

3. Safety and reliability

  • Safety

Private jets are generally considered safer than helicopters due to their design and ability to fly at high altitudes, avoiding obstacles and weather hazards.

  • Mechanical reliability

Jets are often more reliable over long distances, and can be better maintained thanks to a more developed infrastructure for business aviation.

4. Operational flexibility

  • Access airports

Private jets can land at a wide variety of airports, including major international airports and smaller regional ones, offering greater flexibility in terms of destination. Helicopters, while able to land in smaller areas, are limited by their range and their need for supporting infrastructure.

  • Flight autonomy

Private jets can fly autonomously over very long distances without the need for frequent refuelling stops, unlike helicopters, which have limited autonomy.

5. On-board catering

Unlike helicopters, which are favored for very short journeys, private jets often offer top-of-the-range catering services, sometimes even including the option of having a chef on board.

Inflight Chef Delight allows VIP passengers to enjoy gourmet meals prepared on demand. Our gourmet chefs and premium catering partners can prepare customized meals according to VIP passengers' preferences and dietary requirements, offering a culinary experience comparable to that of the finest restaurants.

Meals are prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients, allowing passengers to share a convivial moment during the flight.

While helicopters have their advantages, particularly for short-haul travel and access to difficult-to-reach areas, private jets offer an unrivalled combination of comfort, performance, safety and prestige that makes them more attractive to the very wealthy.

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