Post lockdown evolution of executive aviation

The whole world has suffered at the hands of the coronavirus pandemic. The private aviation industry is no different.

Experts made numerous predictions about the industry’s future and gave tips to battle the situation. The industry soon recovered from its losses and started operating again as soon as the lockdown was lifted.

However, numerous safety measures were adopted to ensure the safety of passengers.

Crowded flights and big airports are the hubs for the spread of Coronavirus. Thus, people belonging to the higher class of society started opting for chartered flight instead of commercial ones.

However, even in the chartered flights, the passengers are expected to follow social distancing rules and wear masks and headgears. With increasing numbers of coronavirus cases, more and more passengers are switching to private jets. With that, the private aviation industry is seen blooming.

Change in Customer’s trends

Justin Bowman, CEO of Air Charter Service, says that even though England is witnessing its second lockdown in full swing yet, people plan trips for Christmas. People are hoping for some normality during Christmas.

Private Fly, a leading private jet service provider, has observed a spike in Customer’s booking from 25% to as high as 65%.

The rise in the price is an expected move. The private chartered companies will do their best to make up for their loss during the first few months of the unlock phase.

People who can afford the service of the private jet are going for it. Apart from the high safety level that these private charters provide, they also offer excellent inflight catering services. Even when life goes back to normal, the commercial airlines will face a long slog before going back to full use.

The prices and accessibility