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Our tips for your private jet flight to Mallorca - Balearic Islands

Are you booked on a flight to Palma de Mallorca LEPA - Palma de Mallorca PMI and preparing to accompany your VIP passengers on a memorable getaway to the Balearic Islands? In this article, you'll discover our tips for your private jet flight to Mallorca - Balearic Islands, and we'll share some recommendations for your most prestigious clients.

The Balearic Islands are renowned for their fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Mallorca is a true haven of peace, where luxury and nature come together in perfect harmony. Every sunrise on Mallorca is a masterpiece of nature, every walk a new discovery.

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Mallorca embodies the very essence of the Mediterranean, a place where Spanish charm combines with a refined lifestyle. As a flight attendant, you are a key element in the travel experience of those seeking the exclusivity of the Balearic Islands. Inflight Chef Delight's catering service also plays a crucial role on board, transforming the trip into a true VIP experience, with tailor-made menus that integrate local and international flavors.

The island offers a multitude of experiences: from walks through ancestral olive groves to exclusive evenings in private villas, from relaxing days on intimate beaches to yacht excursions around the archipelago. For your passengers in search of exclusivity, Mallorca offers stays in luxury hotels with sea views, gourmet alfresco dining and enriching cultural visits. And for those who like to party, there's the island's nightlife and festivals!

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About your private jet flight to MaLLorca

private jet mallorca

Palma de Mallorca Airport (LEPA)

When you fly by private jet to Mallorca, you'll land at Palma de Mallorca International Airport (LEPA), located on the eastern outskirts of the city of Palma, capital of the Balearic Islands. It is also known as Son Sant Joan airport.

Palma de Mallorca airport is located in the southwest of the island, around 10 kilometers from downtown Palma and El Arenal, and 60 kilometers from Alcudia. The drive to Palma or El Arenal takes around 15 minutes. The journey to Alcudia takes around 45 minutes.

Palma de Mallorca Airport is Spain's third busiest airport, with over 26 million passengers in 2016.

At Palma de Mallorca airport, VIP travelers enjoy exclusive access to FBOs (private terminals). These FBOs offer a wide range of facilities and services, including VIP lounges, concierge services and transfers. The section reserved for private aviation is located in the southern part of the airport.

Origin of private jets landing in Mallorca

The origin of private jets landing in Palma de Mallorca reflects the popularity of this Balearic island as a luxury tourist destination, attracting affluent travellers from all over the world.

They choose Mallorca for a variety of reasons: luxurious vacations, real estate investments in high-end villas and apartments, or simply to enjoy the island's idyllic setting for private retreats or family events.

Here's an overview of the main origins of private jets arriving in Palma de Mallorca:

  • Western Europe: The majority of private jets landing in Palma de Mallorca come from the major cities of Western Europe, including London, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. These cities are financial centers and popular destinations for wealthy travelers.

  • Continental Spain: Private jets also arrive from major Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville. As Palma de Mallorca is a popular tourist destination, many Spaniards use private jets to get there quickly and comfortably.

  • Northern Europe: The Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) and Finland also see a significant proportion of private jets heading for Palma de Mallorca. These include Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki. Travellers from these regions often seek the sun and warmth of the Mediterranean island.

  • Eastern Europe: Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major Eastern European cities such as Kiev and Warsaw also send private jets to Palma de Mallorca. More and more Russian and other Eastern European tourists are choosing Mallorca as their vacation destination.

The private jets used for these trips range from light jets to ultra-comfortable long-haul jets:

  • Light jets: Cessna Citation CJ3+, Embraer Phenom 300

  • Medium jets: Bombardier Learjet 75, Cessna Citation Latitude

  • Super-midsize jets: Gulfstream G280, Bombardier Challenger 350

  • Large long-haul jets: Gulfstream G650, Bombardier Global 6000

  • Ultra-luxury: Dassault Falcon 8X, Airbus ACJ320neo

Menu on board your flight to Mallorca

private jet catering mallorca

For catering options on board your private jet departing from Mallorca, your needs can be met through the Inflight Chef Delight network of private gourmet caterers. We invite you to request your passengers' specific dietary preferences and desires the day before the flight, so that menus can be fully customized.

As always, it's best to plan your in-flight catering needs at least 48 hours in advance so you know the details of your next stop, especially during peak season.

The easiest way to plan and order your in-flight catering is to use our Inflight Chef Delight app, available for Apple and Android devices, or contact us directly by phone at +34936064620

Discovering Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

Mallorca, with its picturesque landscapes, sandy beaches and Mediterranean climate, offers a host of activities and luxurious venues that will appeal to the most affluent travelers. Here are a few tailor-made suggestions for private jet travelers.

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VIP transfer

For customers traveling by private jet to Mallorca and landing at Palma airport's business aviation terminal, several VIP transfer options are available. Private companies offer chauffeur-driven limousines so that your VIP passengers can make their way to their luxury hotel in complete privacy. Luxurious but more discreet vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi are also available for chauffeur-driven hire.

For an ultra-fast and impressive transfer, customers can opt for a helicopter transfer service. This service is particularly popular with guests staying in remote hotels or wishing to avoid possible traffic jams during the high season.

Luxury accommodation

Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden
Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden
  • Belmond La Residencia (Deià, Mallorca)

Located in the charming village of Deià, this hotel offers a combination of luxury, art and culture, with spectacular views of the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It's famous for its personalized service, two outdoor pools, spa and even its own olive grove!

  • Cap Rocat (Cala Blava, Mallorca)

A former military fort transformed into an exclusive hotel, offering total privacy with suites that open directly onto the sea. It's the ideal place for those seeking a tranquil retreat with private access to the sea and excellent service.

  • St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort (Costa d'en Blanes, Mallorca)

This luxury hotel offers spacious rooms with sea views, a world-class spa and several swimming pools. It is also renowned for its excellent customer service and wellness facilities.

  • Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa (Port de Sóller, Mallorca)

Nestled on a cliff with panoramic sea views, this hotel offers luxury accommodation with a focus on wellness and relaxation. Guests can enjoy its exceptional spa, infinity pools and gourmet restaurants.

  • Park Hyatt Mallorca (Canyamel, Mallorca)

Inspired by the traditional villages of Mallorca, this resort offers an authentic luxury experience with elegant rooms and suites, four pools, a full spa, and a choice of restaurants.

Luxury restaurants

Zaranda (Es Capdellà, Mallorca)
Zaranda (Es Capdellà, Mallorca)
  • Marc Fosh (Palma de Mallorca)

Located in a 17th-century building in old Palma, this Michelin-starred restaurant run by British chef Marc Fosh offers modern Mediterranean cuisine, using fresh local ingredients.

  • Adrián Quetglas (Palma de Mallorca)

This Michelin-starred restaurant offers a refined culinary experience with a tasting menu that fuses local flavors with modern techniques, all in an elegant setting.

  • Zaranda (Es Capdellà, Mallorca)

Chef Fernando P. Arellano's inventive cuisine has earned him two Michelin stars. Originally located in the Castell Son Claret hotel, the restaurant stands out for its artistic approach to cuisine.

  • Baiben by Fernando P (Port de Portals, Mallorca)

Helmed by renowned chef Fernando Pérez Arellano, this beachfront restaurant offers international dishes with a Mediterranean twist, in a sophisticated yet relaxed setting.

  • Voro (Canyamel, Mallorca)

Located in the Park Hyatt Mallorca hotel, Voro offers a bold approach to Mediterranean cuisine with two tasting menus that promise an unforgettable culinary experience, led by chef Álvaro Salazar.

Activities IN MALLORCA

private yacht in mallorca

To explore Mallorca's coastline, there's nothing better than a private yacht, with stopovers in secluded coves for swimming or diving. And for sailing enthusiasts, you can attend prestigious nautical events such as the Copa del Rey de Vela, a Spanish sailing competition held every year in the Bay of Palma for a week during the summer. Spain's King Juan Carlos used to come and take part!

Back on land, your VIP passengers can discover the Royal Palace of Almudaina and the gardens of S'Hort del Rei with a private guide. Nature lovers can also enjoy a hike in the Serra de Tramuntana, along exclusive trails offering breathtaking panoramas.

Between luxury shopping, music festivals and escapades, your VIP passengers can relax at the Spa du St. Regis Mardavall, where top-of-the-range spa treatments are offered.

These activities offer an ideal blend of relaxation, adventure, culture and luxury, ensuring a memorable experience for your VIP guests in Mallorca.

The best time to visit Mallorca is from May to September, offering ideal weather conditions for enjoying outdoor activities and the island's magnificent beaches. Mallorca is generally a safe destination, but it's advisable to remain vigilant, especially in the areas most frequented by tourists. In particular, we advise you to avoid the outlying areas of Palma, Magaluf and S'Arenal.

With these many tips, your passengers' trip to Mallorca will be a memorable one, allowing them to fully enjoy the luxury and charm of the Balearic Islands.

FAQ l Inflight Chef Delight answers your questions about your flight

1. How do I book a private jet to MALLORCA ?

To book a private jet to Palma de Mallorca, you can opt for one of the following methods:

  • Specialized sites: Use online platforms such as PrivateFly, VistaJet or NetJets. These sites allow you to compare different options, get instant quotes and book directly online. They offer a wide range of aircraft and can accommodate a variety of travel needs, from light jets to larger aircraft for groups.

  • Private aviation brokers: Brokers act as intermediaries between you and private jet operators. They have in-depth knowledge of the market and can negotiate the best rates on your behalf. Companies such as Air Charter Service or Paramount Business Jets are renowned for their excellent customer service and their ability to provide tailor-made solutions, adapted to your specific schedules and travel preferences.

2. What's the best VIP catering service available on Mallorca?

In Palma, many specialist caterers offer a high-quality VIP catering service, ideal for customers traveling by private jet. At Inflight Chef Delight, we stand out for our ability to customize menus according to the tastes and dietary requirements of each passenger. The caterers we work with use only fresh, high-quality, local ingredients to create gourmet restaurant-quality dishes, even on board. Inflight Chef Delight works closely with renowned chefs, gourmet caterers and your favorite restaurants in Mallorca.

If you have any questions about catering options on board your flight to Palma de Mallorca, please contact us!

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